Bhopal Culinary Delights

Type:   Snacks
Bhopal Culinary Delights

The food offered in city of lakes is a real delight.The food speaks volumes of the ethnic culture that is vibrant here. Famous for its meat dishes – the curries and kebabs are the most acknowledged and preferred dishes here.

The entire old city area can offer you some amazing varieties of snacks. The city of lakes wakes up slow but as the shops open till 7am, the old city area will not disappoint you to have stomach filling breakfast.

Poha- Jalebi

You can start your day with tempting Poha-Jalebi combination. If you are someone who loves to gorge on something sweet, then you can even opt for Rabdi-Jalebi combination that will keep you going until your lunch time. Once you are done with having light snacks you can then head to sipping on ‘Sulemani Chai’, a tea which is sweet and salty served with dollops of cream!

Bhopali Paan

To top it all, there is yet another famous Bhopali Paan which is relished by the locals and visitors alike. This special paan has wide ranging toppings which vary from distinct types of dry fruits to supari. The Paan is almost considered a must have for those who want to give a grand finishing touch to their meal.

The tikkas and kebabs here are among the best in the city.

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