Van Vihar National Park

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Van Vihar National Park was formed from a depleted forest area. In order to bring back and protect the rich flora& fauna, this unproductive land was declared a National Park in 1981 under the wildlife protection act.

The rich wildlife at Van Vihar!

This open zoological park comprises some huge wire enclosures where the carnivores like tiger, lion, panther, bear, and hyena stay as per the modern theory of the zoo management. On the contrary, the herbivores for instance cheetal and blackbuck are allowed to move around freely. The relentless chirping of a wide range of birds fills the air with vivacity while crocodile and tortoises relax in the sun. Another division which needs a mention here is the reptile unit, where one can see snakes like the cobras, russel vipers and pythons crawling on mud. The Van Vihar Rashtriya Udyan also houses a ginormous variety of butterflies and insects.

Its nearness to the lake, enhances beauty and calmness of the landscape. The lakeside of the park brightens up with the arrival of a troop of migratory birds during winters. The park also has a Rescue Centre which takes care of ill animals. Though open all year round, Van Vihar turns out to be the best place for wildlife enthusiasts especially during monsoons, when the other national parks remain shut.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal is only 12 kms away from the Van Vihar National Park. There are regular flights that connect Bhopal with cities like Delhi, Gwalior, Indore and Mumbai.

By Train

Bhopal lies on one of the two major railway lines from Delhi to Mumbai. The Railway station is near Hamidia Road.The Van Vihar National park in Bhopal is only 5 kms from the railway station.

By Road

To reach Bhopal via road, there are regular buses that run from the nearby places such as Sanchi, Ujjain, Vidisha,Indore and other places. Local transport within Bhopal can take you to Van Vihar National park which is located in the heart of the city.